Firetak’s many types of durable, collapsible PVC berms can meet your Secondary Containment needs. These products are used to protect equipment, facilities and the environment against leaks and spills, and to catch overspray from DeCon operations. Ranging from Mini Drippers to larger RodWall and AngleWall berms or Ultra*Air berms, Firetak can help you to select a berm to meet your industrial needs.

DeCon products allow for effective wash down of personnel and equipment. The DeCon “U” Shower and Hoops, and associated collection equipment can be rapidly deployed and then repacked compactly for transport and storage.

Firetak’s Totally Enclosed Tanks, which come in almost any size, are used to store water and waste, with materials selected to meet your liquid storage needs.

All Firetak collapsible PVC products fold compactly and are lightweight for storage, transport and rapid deployment. Contact Firetak for further information on materials suited to your requirements.