A clean and well-kept environment creates a very functional workplace. AUTOTAK product line is manufactured to maintain safe
work and storage areas with products designed to contain and clean up spills. Our portable shelters also provide vehicle storage and
protected work areas.

All Firetak products can be custom manufactured to meet your space requirements.

Secondary Containment Berms can be strategically positioned where there may be a risk of container leakage. Drip*Guards and
Floor Guards can be placed under vehicles and shop equipment to contain small leaks and drips.

Spill Products (sorbent pads, socks and spill kits) are excellent tools to clean up spills, large or small.

Quick Erect Shelters serve as cost-effective single car garages and protected work areas away from wind, rain and intense sunlight
(UV). Shelters can also be used to store vehicle parts and components in keeping with many local by-laws and restrictions.