Municipal Air Collar • Relay Tanks (portable, self supporting)

Firetak manufactures two very popular styles of collapsible Relay Tanks both of which are designed to be easily deployed by one person. Tanks are made frome tear, abrasion and puncture resistant PVC coated material and all seams are heat sealed. Each tank includes a repair kit.

Our air collar style is recommended where storage space is at a premium as these can be stored in a standard emergency vehicle compartment. The air collar inflates whithin seconds using a standar SCBA Cylinder and our unique FIRETAK air filing valve prevents over inflation. If an air supply is not available, our heavy duty foot pump works equally well.

Firetak’s foam collar is preferred by forestry officials, industrial firms and emergency response units where storage is not a concern. The collar is constructed in a short sections which allow for greater flexibility when deploying or storing.